Procedures & Policies for Academic & Other Facilities


• The governing body of the college establishes the major policies and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities in respect of laboratory, library, sports complex, computers and class rooms.
• The G. B. sets overall direction, purpose and issue instructions to the principal.
• The principal conducts HODs and section heads meeting and gives the necessary guidelines on various aspects mentioned above.
• The HODs conducts regular faculty meetings on various academic matters based on the academic calendar given by the affiliating university w.r.t. to class work, class rooms, laboratory and computers, examinations etc..
• The principal monitors the activates of various physical facilities like buildings, sports complex consultation with the site engineer and physical director respectively.
• The principal monitors the activities of the library in consultation with the librarian.
• The utilization of above facilities is regularly monitored by the principal by conducting regular meetings and taking feedback from various stakeholders.