Society Number : 16 of 2009

St. Ann's College of Engineering & Technology is all set to have an Alumni association.

"To go forth with values that we have learned at SACET and share them with family and the community at large".

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

St. Ann's College of Engineering & Technology will offer a wide range of resources for alumni, including Refresher Courses, Post Graduate Information, Higher Educational Opportunities in India or Abroad.


Some of the main objectives of the alumni association will be :-

Alumni are the strength of the St. Ann's College of Engineering & Technology. SACET takes great pride in the Alumni as the members are all in highly respectable professional positions in various industries and are closely associated with the college. Every Year College organizes an Alumni meeting to provide a platform for the seniors to give suggestions and experiences to the juniors on career, industry opportunities, higher education (India / Overseas), Feedback / Suggestions for improvement on training etc.