S.NoDescription of the ProgramDate
IV Year–I Semester
1I Spell of Instructions1st Sep to 23rd Oct2021 (7W)
2Eversonics  event01-10-2021
3Guest Lecture22-10-2021
4Eversonics  event08-10-2021
5Workshop28th,29th & 30th of OCT 2021
6Mid –I Examinations1st Internals(Oct  18th   to 23rd )
7Alumni Meeting12th  Nov 2021
8Submission of Mid-I Marks30h OCT 2021
9Parent–Teacher MeetingDec 4th 2021
10II Spell of Instructions01 Nov2021 to 18 Dec2021 (7W)
11Guest Lecture20th Nov 2021
13Conference20th dec 2021
14Mid –II Examinations2nd Internals( Dec 13th to 18th )
15Submission of Mid-II Marks25st  DEC 2021
16Parent–Teacher Meeting24-12-2021
17Preparations and Practical Examinations20th Dec to 25th Dec 2021(1W)
18End Semester Examinations27-12-2021 to 08-01-2022 (2W)
Workshops -01,
Guest Lectures–02,  
Department Activities -  03
S.NoDescription ofthe ProgramDate
IIIYear–I semester
1I Spell of Instructions13thSep to 30th Oct2021 (7W)
2Eversonics  event01-10-2021
3Guest Lectures22-10-2021
4Eversonics  event08-10-2021
5Workshop28th,29th & 30th of OCT2021
6Mid –I Examinations1stNov to 6thNov2021(1W)
7Alumni Meeting12-11-2021
8Submission of Mid-I Marks13thNov2021
9Parent–Teacher Meeting04-12-2021
10II Spell of Instructions8thNov2021 to 25th  Dec2021 (7W)
11Guest Lectures20-11-2021
12Eversonics  event09-12-2021
14Mid –II Examinations27thDec to 1stJan2022 (1W)
15Submission of Mid-II Marks8thJan2022
16Parent–Teacher Meeting8th jan 2022
17Preparations and Practical Examinations3rdJan to 8thJan2022(1W)
18End Semester Examinations10thJan to 22ndJan2022(2W)
Department Activities -03