S.NoName of the laboratoryMajor equipment
1.DC shunt motor coupled to 3.7KW Shunt Generator
2. Shunt Motor coupled to 3.7KW Series Generator
 1. Electrical Machines3. Compound Motor coupled to 3.0KW Series Generator
4. 3.5KVA Salient pole alternator coupled to DC motor
5. 220V/100A Rectifier
2Electrical Measurements Phase Shifting Transformer
 3. Control Systems Micro Processor Based PLC
Power Electronics 3GHz, 512Mb RAM, 80GB
5Electrical Circuits1.30 MHz dual slope Oscilloscope (4 No.)
2.30MHz Processor, 512 Mb RAM,80 GB
 6.Simulation 1.PSIM Simulation Software
2.Orcad Simulation Software