S. No.Name of the LaboratoryEquipment Details
Pipe cutters with 1HP motor, 14“ size
5/8” drilling machine with 0.5 HP motor
Welding machine
Hydraulic hacksaw machine
testing machine
Impact testing machine
Rockwell and brinell hardness testing machine
Universal testing machine
Spring testing machine
Deflection testing apparatus
Compression testing machine
Air cooled arc welding machine (220/440V)
8KVA spot welding machine
Hand fly press with wheel
Hydraulic press with hand operated
Hydraulic pipe bending machine
Hydraulic injection moulding machine
Blow moulding with all standard accessories
Air compressor
Dies for above machinery
Sand testing Equipment : Rammer, Permeability Machine, Hardness tester, Compression strength testing machine
Gas weilding machine
Universal Strength Machine
Mould Hardness Machine
4MACHINE TOOLS LABLathe machine with motor
Universal 6”, 3 jaw chuck lathe
Radial drilling machine
18”x6” surface grinding machine with magnetic chuck
Shaping machine
Slotting Machine 150mm Strock
Tool maker microscope, Sine bar
Bevel protractor, Vernier Callipers
Cylinder bore gauge( 50-150)
Cylinder bore gauge( 18-35)
Cylinder bore gauge( 50-150)
Spirit level (150/0.02mm/meter )
Micrometer range
6HEAT TRANSFER LABHeat Transfer Through Composite Wall(HT01)
Heat Transfer Through lagged pipe apparatus(HT02)
Thermal conductivity of metal bar(HT21)
Heat Transfer Through pin fin apparatus(HT06)
Heat Transfer in forced convection
Heat Transfer Through natural convection
Emissivity measurement apparatus
Stefan boltzman apparatus
Thermal conductivity of insulating powder
Heat exchanger(parallel /counter flows,HT15)
Condensation in drop, film wise form,HT11
Critical heat flux apparatus,HT14
7FM &HM LABPelton Wheel Test Rig
Centrifugal pump test rig with DC motor
Impact of test apparatus
Multi stage centrifugal pump test rig
Reciprocating pump test rig
Flow measurement by venture & orifice meter
Losses in pipe friction apparatus
Francis turbine
Bernoullis apparatus
Notch apparatus
Mothpiece & Orifice apparatus
8THERMAL ENGINEERING LABPort timing diagram apparatus
Test rig for performance & retardation test- single cylinder 4S diesel engine with mechanical dynamometer and exhaust gas calorimeter
Test rig for performance and morse test- multi cylinder-4S petrol engine with mechanical dynamometer and exhaust gas calorimeter
Vapour compression refrigeration test rig
Vapour compression air conditioner tutor duct type
Lacashare Boiler model - model
Bobcox & willkox boiler - model
Performance test on single cylinder 2S petrol engine test rig
DC supply unit for conducting motoring test
Valve timing diagram apparatus
9METALLURGY LABHeat treatment furnace range 0-1000oc muffle size 5” x5” 12’
Specimen mounting press-
3 ton capacity
Dry and wet linisher/belt surface- coolant pump
Jomney and quench apparatus
Double disc polishing machine
Binocular microscope non co axial
10INSTRUMENTATION LABCalibration Of A Rota meter For Flow Measurement
Calibration of capacitor transducer
LVDT unit
Calibration of Mc leod gauge of low pressure with compressor
Calibration of pressure gauge
Speed measurement demonstration system using photo& magnetic sensors
Calibration of resistance temperature detector for temperature measurement
Calibration of transducer for temperature measurement
Seismic pick up for study and use of the measurement of vibration amplitude