Professional Societies


ISTE Chapter No: AP095
ISTE-Student Chapter No: 119
 No. of Students Registered: 624
ISTE Activities
23-02-2016 PEAK Inter college competition Programme
23-11-2015 Faculty Development Programme
15-10-2015 Birth Day Celebrations of Dr. APJ Abdul Khalam
15-09-2015 Engineers Day Celebrations
21-06-2015 Faculty Development  workshop Programme
11-11-2014 National Education Day Celebrations
15-09-2014 Engineers Day Celebrations
05-09-2014 Teachers Day Celebrations
11-11-2013 National Education day celebrations
15-09-2013 Engineers day celebrations
05-09-2013 Teachers day celebrations

 A seminar on Corporate Awareness

28-02-2013 A seminar on MAT LAB
25-02-2013 A seminar on Research Issues
15-09-2012 Engineer’s Day Celebration
05-09-2012 Teacher’s Day Celebration
04-08-2012 A seminar on Planet Earth
25-07-2012 A seminar on Anti Plagiarism Software – TURNITIN
04-11-2011 A seminar on Creativity
15-09-2011 Engineer’s Day Celebration
05-09-2011 Teacher’s Day Celebration
06-01-2011 A seminar on Online Examination
15-09-2010 Engineer’s Day Celebration
29-07-2010 A Group Discussion on Women Empowerment
25-06-2010 Role of Techno Crates in Social And Rural Development


CSI Activities
04-11-2013 Workshop on PHP