Active SPOC Awardee by NPTEL, St. Ann’s College of Engineering and Technology, Chirala Faculty

College Secretary Vanama Ramakrishna Rao and Correspondent Srimantula Lakshmana Rao jointly announced that St. Anne's College of Engineering and Technology, Chirala faculty member Dr.D.V.S.Sukanya has won the Active SPOC award by NPTEL. informed in the announcement.
Dr.D.V.S.Sukanya SPTEL (Single Point of Contact), has facilitated complete waiver of NPEL exam fee to 55 students who have scored high marks in these exams.
Recently in a program held at Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, NPTEL recognized the college as an active chapter and College Single Point of Contact (SPOC) Dr. DVN Sukanyna was presented with the award as Active SPOC.

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